Edition 02 - The Rambler Co

The second Rambler coffee table edition heads to the shores of Australia's wild southern state to explore Tasmania's East Coast. From the sandy coves of the Bay of Fires to the battered cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, this region of frigid seas and wind-lashed landscapes calls visitors with its isolated allure.

Editor: James Vodicka
Publisher: The Rambler Co

2022 | Coffee table magazine | 163 pages

East Coast Tasmania

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James launched The Rambler Co in 2021 as a premium magazine for exploring Australia, differently. Showcasing a different Aussie destination each edition, the travel-focussed coffee table magazines delve deep into the essence of Australian adventure, and what makes each of our regions uniquely special.

Inside, you'll find stories on local communities, hidden spots found off-the-beaten-track, guides and itineraries you’ll actually use, and beautiful imagery of Australia’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes. You might even discover a few places you’ve never heard about before.